Welcome to my newly updated Wedding specific website. I am known for other things – see my about page and my links page for details of other photography related activities!

Weddings are unique and personal and everyone has it’s own flavour, atmosphere and individual features. It is my job as a photographer to help interpret the day for you, based on your requirements and the type of wedding you have arranged. I will be present but not in your face.

My photography passion is photographing people and I do enjoy the personal interactions that I have taking photos. A wedding photo needs to understand people and know how to capture not just the day but attempt to capture the happiness, emotions and seriousness of the day.

Wedding photography is a crowded market place but my experience from photographing lots of different events, concerts etc has made me understand better how to get the best images from a wedding day. Add to that the fact that I so enjoy the wedding and get a great buzz doing them, I have (I am pleased to say) never been involved in a less than brilliant wedding.