What’s the cost of a wedding these days… Well a recent published survey by hitched.co.uk has shown the average spend on a wedding in 2021 is over £17,000! That’s a lot of money…

And how much of that is spent on the photography of the day – the average in that same survey suggests the spend is now around £1,200 And whilst that sounds quite a lot it still only represents 7% of the total spend of a wedding – which may not seem a lot especially as the photos are one of the only real long term keepsakes of that memorable day.

So please do not just go and look for the cheapest possible – or even something around the average. If you want the memories to last and be the ones you will look at again, choose a good photographer with experience and with a great set of images to show you.

I’d like to think you will get all that with me, and still at a great value price. My prices are open and published and available for anyone to see – no hidden costs, and I will agree a price before you even pay a deposit. So for great value and great pictures – choose me! Any questions, please ask.